Kooikerhondje in English

Since not everyone reads Dutch I decided to make a page in English, explaining who I am, what I want to achieve breeding kooikerhondjes and giving some general information on my two dogs and upcoming litters.


I am Els Taveirne and I live in Bruges, Belgium where I keep two kooikerhondjes.

It all started when our first dog died of epilepsy due to inbreeding.

At that moment I decided that if I got another dog it would have to be a pedigree dog.

We decided on the kooikerhondje or Dutch decoy dog because the breeding regulations are severe enough. Although this does not garanty that your dog will not get sick, it does offer you a reasonable degree of certainty as to the health of your dog.


We got our male dog, Anthony vom Martjeshof in Germany where he was bred in a family.

Anthony is a fine dog who, when he meets strangers or unknown dogs, needs some time. Once he knows people or other dogs, he is their best friend. He died of acute leukemia in 2018.

Two years later we got our second dog, a bitch called Kimi van Titi's Nest from Ostend in Belgium.

Very fast I saw that Kimi was turning into a beautiful stable dog whose litters would be a asset to the race. She passed all the examinations to get her breeding admission.

In october 2015 she had a succesfull mating, pups were born on the 14th of december 2015.

Litter 2017 was welcomed on the 10th of May.

On oktober, 29th 2018 Kimi gave birth to het final litter, 4 males and 2 bitches.

We kept a bitch, Rilke from the last litter. At the moment, she is taking her test to,have a litter herself. If everything goes well, she wil have het first litter spring 2021.

If you would like some more information, feel free to contact me.

Contact information can be found on the contact page.


I cannot  guarantee that I will respond to emails immediately but I will get in touch with you as  soon as possible.